Working with Virtual Assistants this 2024

working with virtual assistant

Working with virtual assistants or commonly known as VAs provided a lifeline for businesses during the pandemic. While travel and physical interaction restrictions limited some business operations, remote work had a giant growth. The growth of the platform now allows a wider range of options in hiring and finding workers in more specialized fields. Here are tips on hiring and working with a virtual assistant.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  • Do it yourself. If you would like to save up money, you can choose to perform the hiring process yourself. Find tips on writing and posting jobs online and do your own online interviews to evaluate potentials.
  • Local Searches. Someone nearby might be willing to work with you, as you can easily arrange live meetings should the need arise, although your arrangement will still be remote. Look for local job boards, or even make local postings – someone might be interested.
  • Make Use of Online Platforms. There are many online services that make it easier to hire virtual assistants such as Fiverr and Upwork. They already have references, and you can tailor your job posting to specific needs.
  • Consult an Agency. In case you’d feel more comfortable working with a virtual assistant who is already screened and equipped with the right skills, agencies can help you find candidates and conduct interviews.
  • When hiring, find candidates who might be able to handle more responsibilities, helping you grow your business in the process. They can stay longer, given the larger workload, giving you a familiar worker whom you can foster loyalty and be trusted with more activities.

Best Practices when working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

  • Start small and gradual. Allow new virtual assistants time to familiarize themselves with their role. Let them see the big picture, so they have an idea of what they will be working towards. Start small, and slowly put their strengths to good use.
  • Clarify your expectations. Even in an office, there can be confusion among co-workers. It can be an even more difficult experience when done remotely. Make sure there are specific tasks, and clear boundaries on time, and mark out confidential information.
  • Encourage Questions. As with any new hire, there is always pressure for new employees to present competence. Be available to address their questions, so that everything is clear.
  • Give your Feedback. Give your Feedback – As with clarifying expectations, give feedback on their work. Many virtual assistants will appreciate the learning process, and this helps them grow with your company. Have clear and short comments ready, so they can easily address any issues.
  • Communicate. Make sure you regularly touch base with your virtual assistant, so you can easily clarify anything they need. This also fosters a better working relationship. Schedule regular one-on-one meetings, and make sure you discuss the best ways you can reach each other.
  • Document their Procedures. Assign routines to keep yourself up to date on their progress. You can give more specific report templates, or even provide manuals or video tutorials on their activities.
  • Provide Tools. Technology is constantly growing, and there is a wide variety of productivity tools. Find software that can help with documentations and project management. These can make the whole process more efficient, saving you time and money.
  • Be Considerate for their Time. While it would be nice to have a virtual assistant on call, many normally have other responsibilities they might need to address. They might have daily chores, or other clients, so make the most out of the time, preparing ahead for their allotted hours.
  • Build their Morale. In any company, happy employees work more efficiently. Instill team spirit and grow relationships. A welcoming experience will put them at ease, allowing them to think more clearly.

Knowing all of this can help you make the most of your time with your VA. Maximize their strengths, especially when they will only work with you for a limited time. Find and choose candidates who are very collaborative, and share your focus on success, as it also will reflect on their own position.

Working with virtual assistants provide many great benefits and you can learn more about our VA service HERE.

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