The Real Power of Video Marketing

video marketing

For companies wishing to grow and stay ahead of the competition then the use of Video Marketing is a must. Today video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and grow your brands influence.

Some of the most impactful videos are the ones that are shot raw. The lighting is not perfect or the sound is ok.. but the person speaking is real. Authentic. These types of videos have the power to really connect you and your brand to your target audience and this builds trust.

Another popular video option is just a voice over of PowerPoint slides. Non monotone please. Good content, delivered in easy to digest chunks can be consumed fast and gets the point across.



Video marketing does not have to be some elaborate production with a giant team to do the job. In fact, all you really need is your phone camera and an internet connection. Sometimes you do not even need to appear in the video yourself!

The benefit to this approach is that it has the added benefit of being viral, it spreads quickly throughout the Internet with very little effort put into its distribution. Because it is so widely distributed it can create a high search value which can be found by the search engines which in turn can lead to more traffic to your brand.

Another benefit is the content can get stuck in their head. They stay interested in the video longer, and are more likely to remember you, and purchase from you. If you need to sell a product, you can show images and words, or even lyrics and images, but nothing can top the power of a moving picture. It can be used on sales letters and direct mail. Video is the best way to convey your message to your target audience.



The challenge for a company wishing to grow is to stand out from the crowd and do so in a way that is easily noticed by its target audience. There are several different online marketing techniques which perform this task better than others, but video marketing is by far the easiest and least expensive option.

Tips to Video Marketing:
A video marketing campaign is created by planning the production of a short video, selecting the ideal keywords and then submitting the videos on relevant video sharing sites. Simple.

The first thing that is needed is to choose your keywords of the video. This is where most mistakes are made. Either keywords are chosen without consideration, or its randomly picked. In today’s world of search engines and smart social media platforms, you want to make sure your content gets in front of the right audience.  If your video is picked up by the wrong audience, the message you are trying to convey could be totally lost, resulting in a wasted opportunity.

So now it’s time to think about the video itself. You need to think about the message you want to get across, and what are the key points you want your audience to retain. As you create your video, ask yourself this question, what are the most important points you want to communicate? Then concentrate on those and provide your experience and insight. You are the subject matter expert here and let the audience feel your passion or experience. This is great content.


Tip 1: As you are recording the video be mindful of the keywords and points you want to get across. This will help you to stay in the right tone, body language and face expressions.

Tip 2: With video marketing you need to get good information across quickly. Keep it on point and short. Less is more.


Music or Images? Do you want to have background music during your video? What images do you want to show on the video while you are speaking? With video, think in layers. Your visual content, background sound, images or text floating in and out, fade the video in and out, have your logo and contact info at the end of the video, etc..

When it’s time to edit your video I would recommend Camtasia (link), as its quite flexible, easy to use, and it lets you link together your videos, and once you edit is also quite powerful. They have many tutorials and guides to walk you through the process. But it is simple. You can even have a free trial and use this time to get accustomed to the software. Once you feel more comfortable, you can create longer videos. The key is to try it out, and get to know the software.


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