The Power of a Brand

Power of a Brand


A company’s brand or image is something that too many businesses forget about over time. With so much else going on in a business it easy to do but reviewing your companies’ brand is not that difficult. Let us discuss the importance of your brand and how to improve it.

If you really think about how important your business brand is; you will soon realize that it is possibly the most important thing you own in your business. Without your image, you will have no customers, no clients, no referrals, and possibly no business. This is a point that even the most seasoned business owner forgets, and especially new business owners.


What is a brand?

A brand is an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word, and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination of one or more of those elements can be utilized to create a brand identity.


Overall, branding your business is what makes it stand out from your competitors and keeps someone from trying to copy your business. Why? Because its hard to copy a well-established brand.

The more people that think positively about your business the more customers that will choose to stay with you. Also, having a positive brand image will help you retain your customers and attract new ones.

If you have a negative brand image, then you are likely to lose any customers that are thinking negatively about you. You will have to work harder to make them like and trust you.


Tip #1: Remember to think as though you are looking at your business from the eyes of your customers. Not your own eyes as the owner or manager.


Tip #2: Think about how you can make your business look unique from your competitors.




Ideas on how to grow your brand



Your staff has a huge impact on your brand. They are the front line of your business and represent the company. They must be likeable, truthful, and professional. They should be excited and passionate about your service or product and full of great information. Do they interact well with clients? Do they follow up and deliver as promised?



One of the most powerful and cost-effective way a business can increase visibility is to have a strong web presence. There are several ways that this can be accomplished. They can do it online by creating, publishing, and posting Content Marketing articles online. They can use the power of Video Marketing or by using social media targeted advertising.

They can do it offline by promoting their business by doing direct mail. This option tends to be more expensive with a lower ROI.

Another great way this can be done is through doing seminars, speaking engagements, and other events.

They can do it both offline and online by doing live events, giveaways, outreaches, donations of good will, etc..

Finally, some business could benefit by taking part in trade shows to showcase their products or services. Followed up with a great content articles and video marketing pieces to go along with it.


The key to Visibility is to stay connected and engaged.


Content Writing
The first way to make sure that a business has brand equity is by making sure that they always have something to publish. The way to achieve this is by finding articles and other material that have to do with the industry that the business operates in. Writing articles is a great way to help your business become associated with a particular viewpoint.

This way, customers are interested in your products and services.


Tip #3: You need to keep on publishing, publishing, publishing.


Final point:

It is important to focus on where you are going and your vision for your organization. Overtime this may have changed or shifted and with that you need to as well. Are your staff aligned? Does your content, color, fonts, logos also point toward this new vision? Stay consistent and keep driving your business.

It is by doing these things that your business will become recognizable. It’s very important that you do them all. You can start small, and progress to special events, outreach programs, or even trade shows.


Here is a great article about branding which I feel is powerful and great place to start.




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