Steps to Having a Great Website

Steps to Having a Great Website


First impressions are immensely powerful in life and in business. In business your website is your companies first impression! Your website is the first smile or hello a potential customer receives from your company. Your website is usually the first place your customers will visit to get to know you and the product or services you provide. This is why it is so important to keep your website up-to-date and relevant.

If your website has been up for a few months or years without being updated, your company could be losing out on potential clients.


How to know if your website is ready for an update.

    • When they click on your website, do you see pages that are full of information that is outdated?
    • Are you promoting products or services that are out of stock or worse discontinued?
    • Are your hours, locations, phone numbers, emails, etc. up to date?
    • What could be worse than your website advertising a special promotion that is no longer available?
    • Does your website look great on a mobile device?
    • Are your social media accounts tied to your website?
    • Can someone contact you through your website and do you get the email?
    • Do you want to have live chat available during normal business hours and leave a message during after-hours?
    • What was the date of the most recent article on your website?
    • Does your website load fast or lag?


If you answered yes to anything above, then some of your clients may find your company hard to move forward with.

You can fix or update a website in a couple of ways to give your clients reassurance and confidence. The first method is simply by updating the information yourself as long as you have the skills and the content. The second method for some businesses is a better idea to contact a web designer or coding company to advise you on the best way to update your website.

Davis Works in Destin, Florida has a great web design team, and we are always ready to step in to help. Having experts update your website is the cleanest and most reliable method.


Here are some steps and tips to update your website to 2021 standards.

    • Update your website with fresh written content relevant to current trends or topics to your clients.
    • Schedule time to remind yourself to add new content on your website on a regular basis.
    • Submit articles and blog posts to other sites if possible.
    • Update your navigation bar and buttons. If your navigation is not current, your visitors may think your website has closed. If visitors are confused where to go they will just leave.
    • Get a recent picture of your website and cross reference it with a database of navigators. If your website has a large number of pages and no one knows where to go you may need a sitemap.
    • Update your photos of your location, team, services and products.
    • Add new videos of your service and products.
    • Remove or update outdated information.
    • Delete any obsolete content on your website. This may have become out of date with the progress of your business.
    • Delete content that is irrelevant or should be private. Delete these items and replace them with relevant content.
    • Update any additions or changes to your business information such as company logo, font, colors, phone, address, emails, etc.


Tip #1 : Avoid large blocks of text. Use bulleted lists or numbered lists instead. Make your text easy to scan. If the visitors are unable to read your content because of font size, you may lose a sale.

Tip #2 : Avoid annoying visitors with flashing banners, scrolling text, or lots of music. These annoy visitors and make them leave your website.

The above tips will help you keep your website current. Many businesses can recoup the expense to update their website with just a few new customers.

Here is a great article on steps you can take to have a great up to date website by Forbes.

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