Business Solutions

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Business Solutions Overview

What is Business Solutions?

A business solution is simply a combination of ideas used to help a company reach its goals and desired outcomes.

A business solution includes areas such as sales, strategy, marketing, payroll, auditing, HR, operations, among other essential business needs. The main focus is to solve specific business problems.


We specialize in helping companies get “un-stuck!”


A business may launch a strategy to expand their international and domestic markets. Maybe the businesses needs help to find and manage a new property, identify opportunities for additional revenue, or use new technologies to streamline their operations.

Business solutions, and more specifically Business Consultants provide a much needed service to the business community. Davis Works business consulting is located in Destin, Florida and serves the areas of Pensacola, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Miramar, Santa Rosa and Panama City.


Davis Works Business Solutions


Sales calls, scripts, ethical persuasion, handling objections and closing the deal on a single call.

Building Rapport and Trust. Discovery Questions. Mindset.

Systems and Automation

How to create and optimize efficient systems, leverage technology and machine automation


How to manage your entire biz like a machine. Systemize and optimize for optimal efficiency.

Systems are the solutions.

Call Center

Develop scripts and processes. Design and Set Up Call Routing software. Training and best practices. Reporting. Back Up. Security. Compliance.

Management & Hiring

How to hire employees, management, culture, performance tracking.

Onboarding, New Hire Training, Performance Plans and Coaching.

IT Help Desk

Password Resets, Hardware and Software troubleshooting, Installing and Updating software. Printer and Mobile phone issues.

9 reasons companies hire a consultant

1. A consultant has the right expertise in a specific area that may be lacking in your current organization.
2. A consultant may be hired to identify problems. In most cases the current team is too close to a problem or issue to see it.  Having someone with fresh eyes or an outsider with the experience of working with many groups can help identify the issue and provide good solutions.
3. A consultant could balance or fill a short coming in the current staff. As a company wishes to add a new direction or process, they may not have someone that can tackle this challenge.
4. A consultant can be a catalyst for growth or change and we know that change is the as easy as it sounds. Sometimes change is exactly what is needed, and a consultant may be the best way to spearhead the changes. A big benefit to a company is that a consultant can do things without the concerns of employee morale, office politics or culture, or other concerns that can get in the way when trying to implement change.
5. A consultant can give a much-needed fresh viewpoint and objective. While just focusing on the desired result and not worrying about how people in the company may feel.
6. A consultant may be brought on to train new hires, sales, management or even executive coaching.
7. A consultant may be hired to do the hardest job.. cutting staff or close down entire locations or divisions. Let’s be honest; No one really wants to be the person who has to make these cuts. Someone outside the organization could be the best option to handle these most challenging tasks.
8. A consultant can bring a new energy, perspective and life to a company, a team, or a division. Overtime, companies may be struggling coming up with new ideas or concepts. A consultant can help kick the business back into gear and get “BIG MO” momentum going again.
9. Sometimes a company learns that it save tens of thousands of dollars a year by hiring a consultant when needed compared to hiring full-time employees. These savings can also add up when you consider the savings from not having to pay benefits, insurance, time off, workers comp, and more.

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