Earn Quality Backlinks for your Website

earn quality backlinks for your website

Backlinks can contribute a lot to the ranking of your website, particularly in competitive fields. With good backlinking strategies, you not only increase ranking in search engines, but also organic traffic.

Found a website related to yours that has broken links? Contact their webmaster and report them. This gives you an opportunity to suggest adding a link to your website. They might even replace an old link with one that leads to yours.

High-quality websites will be particularly interested in these reports, and back-linking to your website will provide your web authority a boost.

Building and maintaining websites can be quite competitive, and you should always be alert. If you see content in another website that has many links pointing to it, you might be able to create a piece that would super-cede it in terms of value and content. Contact the other sites that link to the original content and show them yours. They might replace the links and lead to yours instead.

Create and share infographics

Infographics are a very visually appealing way of providing people information they are looking for, making them very popular. Include links to your website in the infographic, and place it not just in your site, but across social media as well, allowing people to share it.

You can put your name out there by writing guest articles for other sites that have relevance to your own. It can increase exposure to your website, and you’re already creating a backlink in that same article.

Keep Yourself Informed about your competitors

If you are directly competing with someone, make sure you are aware of their own moves. You can create content that is much better than theirs and gain backlinks over them instead.

Make sure to promote your own content

Sometimes the direct method is the best. Simply contacting a webmaster directly and suggesting backlinks to your own site works very well, especially for very active websites. Look out for webmasters that regularly post content that link to other sites.

Write Testimonials

You can partner with other business owners and write testimonials for their own products and services in exchange for a backlink or two on their own websites.

Do PR Campaigns and Charity Work

Many nonprofit organizations link back to sponsors and donors. Consider looking through ones which reach your relevant customers.

If you have an established name or brand, it’s possible that people will come directly to you to interview you. This is a great way to increase exposure, and they can create backlinks for you.

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