Do You Need IT Support for Your Business?

IT support and Help Desk comes in many shapes and sizes along with different cost structures and considerations to be aware of. Here are a few key questions you should should ask yourself to determine if you need a full time IT staff or the level of tech support that’s right for your business.


Which Businesses Need IT Support?

No matter your type of small business, industry or service, it’s likely you could benefit from a certain level support. This level of support really depends on the software, needs and systems that you use. Also, it depends on the level of experience you  have regarding the issues that you commonly occur from day to day.

It’s most likely that your business has a website.  This is considered a business asset and if there is a service issues, even for a short amount of time, it can cause customers to not make  a purchase from your business. Or if a customer attempts to call in and all the phones are down or if calls are being dropped, emails being lost, customer requests being lost, etc.

Also, a dedicated IT help desk support can help you solve issues with slow load times on your computers, internet connectivity or Wi-Fi issues in your store, warehouse or office. Maybe there are printer issues, or worst a viruses or cybersecurity concern.

So basically, unless you run a offline business where you write letters to your customers, have only walk-ins, do sales receipts and process by hand, you could use some IT support. The level of help desk support you may need is still to be determined.  The following may help us to understand your  needs a little further.


Different Types of IT Support

One option is to hire an in-house professional full time on staff.  Most recent data from Glassdoor shows the average base pay for an IT professional is over $85,000. Will this person have all the skills necessary to handle the many different software and hardware used? Is there enough work to keep him/her busy?

Another option is you can outsource your IT support to a company that can provide the service remote or have some come onsite when needed. Typically, this option costs less than the first of hiring in a full-time staff member, and the savings for the business due to not having constant tech concerns.

Finally, you can go and learn via tutorials, tips and even courses to help you fix IT issues on your own. Obviously this requires that you spend the time learning about all the different software, hardware, and systems to understand the issues and to fix them. Sure, tt can save you money but take a significant learning curve. If your businesses is just starting out and is strapped for cash then this may be an option.


Support From Providers

One option depends on your providers that you may be using for the various IT software and hardware your company is using. You may be able to get support from those companies to help solve your issues. Keep in mind that this option still requires your time, and some experience and basic knowledge.

Overall, it’s important to keep your systems up, backed up, secure and reliable for a foundation for your business to thrive.


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7 Reasons You Should Outsource IT

Today businesses rely on technology to keep their businesses running and operational, which means that they need support that can fix issues fast. Some companies go the route of managing IT support services internally, but now it’s common for organizations to outsource these tasks.

If you have been thinking of outsourcing your IT support, take a look at the seven following benefits.

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Reduce Operating Costs

IT Help Desk prices are much lower than keeping a support team internally were a business must cover payroll, insurance, energy, recruitment, training and hardware costs. 

Plus, having a fixed cost agreement means you can budget easily and manage operating costs.

Industry Experts

With technology, software packages, virus threats growing faster and faster it is hard to keep up with the new standards. By outsourcing you can leverage the experience of others while also saving operating expenses.

Focus on your Business

Having an outsourced IT Help Desk allows your managers to focus on driving key areas in your business. It’s easy for IT issues to draw attention away from their normal jobs and chasing issues. Let the outsourced team handle these concerns while your team stays focused on what’s most important.

Scale Up Fast

At times, companies have an ad or campaign go viral and there is a fast growth in business activities. This can cause outages or an increase in service calls. Having an outsourced supplier will allow the company to react fast with the demand as needed. 

Improve Response Time

Outsource companies use a variety of different tools so their help desk teams can resolve issues efficiently. Such as remote access, zoom calls, secure backup, and more. Most issues can be fixed with a remote session and a phone call.

Reduce Repeat Calls

It can be difficult to keep up with all the different systems and software packages that are being used in your business. With outsourcing you can leverage the experience of the team to tackle all the concerns.

24/7 Support Times

Many companies follow the standard hours of nine to five, and that makes it hard with the after hours service issues. Customers may experience problems, and this could be detrimental to your business retention if no one is available to help. Having a 24/7 team on stand by will give you the peace of mind that there is always somebody available to help your customers.

In closing, having an outsourced supplier could save you money, while keeping your team driving results in your business. 

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