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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, at times referred as online marketing, is the practice of creating targeted content (text, images, video) with the intent to promote your brand to connect with prospective clients. Using the internet to deliver the content through social media accounts, Google search, and Websites

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, at times referred as online marketing, is the practice of creating targeted content (video, text, images) with the intent to promote your brand to connect with prospective clients using the internet to deliver the content.

Digital Marketing Types

Digital marketing consists of a few different focuses with each aimed at a different purpose.

destin digital marketing
destin digital marketing

Is the creation and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to gain interest in a products or services. Think video, blogs, or social media. 

Is when you send marketing material to prospects or past clients that are on your email list to make them aware of new services, products, specials or discounts.

Is the process of getting web traffic to your website or specific pages from the search results in different search engines. The process is focused on improving your website’s ranking in the search results pages. The higher the more people will see and generate more traffic to your site.

Is a form of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to build a a businesses brand, build an audience, that will increase traffic to their website, increasing sales. This opens up the company to expand the business beyond the local community. 

Is a part of content marketing, which focuses on the video format and not text/blogs or images. With the purpose of hoping the video content gets shared (viral) to help spread reach and their brand.

Is when a company pays to advertises their content to different social media or digital platforms. They are charged a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. They only pays if their ad is actually clicked on. Think Google or Facebook Ads.

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Top 5 Reasons Clients Seek Help for Digital Marketing

#1: Limited Online Visibility

Many businesses struggle with low online visibility, making it difficult for potential customers to find them. They seek help with improving their search engine rankings and online presence.

#2: Ineffective Advertising

Businesses often waste money on digital advertising campaigns that don't deliver the desired results. They want assistance in creating and managing successful online advertising campaigns.

#3: Content Creation

Producing high-quality, relevant content consistently can be a challenge. They may need assistance with content creation, distribution, and content marketing strategies.

#4: Social Media Management

Maintaining an active and engaging presence on social media platforms can be time-consuming. They may need help with social media management and marketing to connect with their audience effectively.

#5: Data Analysis & ROI

Many businesses struggle to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their digital marketing efforts. They seek assistance in analyzing data, tracking key performance indicators, and understanding which strategies are working and which aren't.

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Marketing Data To Consider:

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Web Traffic via Mobile
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Google Searches Per Day
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More Leads from Content Marketing
1 %
Buy After Video Marketing
1 %

7 Benefits of Digital Marketing

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